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  • Rotary Club of West Mangalam – July 2019.
  • Appanayakanpatti Village- With the people of Appanayakanpatti Village, Sulur Taluk, Coimbatore District represented by the current elected Member of Legislative Assembly, Sulur Constituency of Tamilnadu – Sep 2019.
  • PGP College of Agricultural Sciences, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu – Sep 2019.
  • Jai Shriram Engineering College – Sep 2019
  • Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture, Tamil Nadu – Dec 2019.
  • St.Joseph’s College for Women, Tirupur – Dec 2019
  • Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhini Trust (MSDS), Chennai – Jan 2020

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Vanalayam Eco-green Recreation Park

VANAM INDIA FOUNDATION is a Tamilnadu based NGO founded in the year 2015 with its passionate visionary team of nature lovers at heart came together along with 632 odd trustees who are working strenuously for the past 7 years, contributing significantly to the revolution against crucial environmental issues such as global warming and climate change a reality which is staring right at us directly or indirectly, these issues affect us all.


.VANAM is a rural rooted eco-conscious organisation, established after an immense literature survey on reputed scientific studies identified that, growing trees is the major step forward to achieve a well- balanced ecosystem, by conserving nature and natural resources and increasing green cover. for our present and future generation and all life forms and recreate a holistic approach to harmony with nature.


Despite holding such a great significance in our lives and needless to say the countless benefits to mankind, humans have been overexploiting trees for the longest time. In the name of urbanization, industrial development, encroachment and various other reasons we have ignored our responsibility to protect the nature.  Instead we have substantially damaged it by destroying forest, polluting water, soil and air.    This constant practice can prove to be extremely devastating for the earth and life on this planet.

To recreate the habit of understanding the importance of nature conservation and develop the culture among the public, especially the young minds, VANAM INDIA FOUNDATION working continuously with the following main objectives.

  • To create awareness about healthy environment and its protection
  • To plant and grow saplings to create green cover all over earth.
  • To harvest rainwater and ensure proper water management activities
  • To develop wealth out of waste
  • To promote organic farming

Trees are beneficial to all life forms and environment they provide us oxygen by absorbing CO2, purifies air and water, increases water table, controlling soil erosion, provides us food, fruits, leaves and nuts supporting both health and nutrition to all life forms. Trees help to lessen the wind that might affect crops, cool off ground temperatures, and trap moisture and nutrients in the soil so that food crops grow better. Trees contribution to the environment over long periods of time is nearly limitless........


To date we have planted over 6.5 Lakh trees across regions in government /private lands and ensuring a smooth growth process by periodic follow-up care after planting. With our distinctive model project VANALAYAM (Temple of Trees) located at Palladam, Coimbatore main roadTo develop a cohesive bond in this area we develop tree saplings, recreation cum cultural performance hall with a walking strip of 1 km in 18 acres of land. We have conducted 50 plus monthly seminars to create awareness about preserving nature and women development.  A monthly magazine has been circulated to schools with a reach out to 1 lakh students to create awareness about preserving nature for a better future.

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