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Planting trees provides families with more than just food. It provides income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and even saves lives. When we can teach people to value themselves and their environment, they see amazing improvements in their standard of living.

Our Story

Plant trees and make the world a better place to live” said Perur Adhinam Santhalinga Ramaswami Adikalar who dedicated his entire life for development of Tamil, to his devotees who had gathered to celebrate his 90th birthday. Conceiving his wish as responsibility, “Adaikalar Vanam” was established in a small land near Palladam and trees were being planted. Meanwhile, help came in from every direction to make this dream into reality. Locals from the region came in with their efforts and contributions on our journey towards a greener future.

One of the dominant threat to life as we know it, is global warming. Plantation of trees and afforestation were one of the practical ways to combat climate change and take more carbon out of the atmosphere. This would eventually put a lid on other effects of global warming like extinction of species, air pollution, drought, soil erosion and so on. In a world where we are drastically moving towards annihilation of nature and its resources, we believed that the change can happen one tree at a time. This belief brought together a community of people, with one unique purpose of making our planet a better place to live in.

santhalinga swamigal

When the idea for such a communion was proposed to public of the Tirupur region, and the echo of it was spell binding. Support and suggestions began to add life to the idea. On November 2nd 2015, with the strong backing of researchers and NGOs who were specialists in the field, along with the support of government organisations, and people from various traits and professions, the seed for Vanam India Foundation was planted in Palladam.

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Help us improve communities, preserve our world’s forests, and nurture the next generation of tree planters.