Our Projects

We are committed to increasing the capacity of communities around the globe – helping them to build secure livelihoods and improve their local environment through sustainable tree planting programes.

Palladam Kattur Village Site

Palladam Gandhi Nagar Site

Palladam Therkupalayam Site

Sulur Sulthanpettai

Palladam Sky Site

Palladam Govt School

Palladam Semmipalayam Village

  • Creating awareness on Rain water Harvesting and to make harvested rain water portable one and also enhancing the ground water level
  • Waste Resourcement: Collecting waste from Palladam Municipality and converting it to manure and other resources.
  • Creating new Nurseries
  • Learning new Methods in the field of Environment and Agriculture from places all over the world.
  • Spreading Environment awareness among school children through magazine and seminars
  • Permanent infrastructure for the organization.

  • Nearly 1350 saplings has been planted and maintainted in the public places of katoor panchayat.
  • Also nearly 1000 saplings has been planted and being maintained in the areas of kenganayakanpalayam and katoor pudur.
  • The thorn trees near the river side of kenganayakanpalayam has been removed by
    the branch officers of katoor and nearly 780 saplings has been planted in around 6.5 acres with the facilities of drip irrigation.
  • Saplings has been planted provided with the facilities of drip irrigation in Adigalar forest at arumugathanpalayam.
  • The saplings has been planted and being maintained in Senjeri.
  • The Miyawaki method of Japan technology has been processed in Vadugapalayam.
  • With the participation of crusher association the sapling has been planted with the miyawaki method in Karanampet.
  • With the help of natural activist saplings has been planted and being maintained in the places like schools, colleges, hospitals, temples and in some public places.
  • 8500 bamboos and fences had been provided with 50% subsidiary rate to protect the saplings.
  • Since 38,454 has been provided to individual persons/general committee in free of cost to plant in public places.
  • 65,423 saplings has been provided through school students.
  • 55,000 plants sapling is stopped in forest office of katoor / samalapuram and is being given in free of cost.

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