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“Seva sanga community leader Skm. Mayilanandhan spoke out about” Life is akin to nature”, he describes about just planting the saplings and letting nature to take care of the rest will not help.Trees cause rains which are as necessary as air. They give us a beautiful landscape and help in the ecological balance of nature.”

“Retired Chief Forest Guard of Tamilnadu Government Mr. R.K . Bharathi IFS.M.Sc., spoke out about the importance of tree plantation. These trees continue to grow and provide shade and oxygen and are reminders of our dependency upon and the benefits derived from a healthy natural environment. May this tree serve as a reminder to a sustainable future.”

“Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation Executive Manager Mr.Karthikeya shivasenadhi pathi shared the “ways of protecting the country’s cow breeds” he says ,Today our bulls are in great demand in abroad & they command crores of rupees.”

Vanam India foundation has been conferred with the “Ka valarkum panpiyakam Viruthu” by Santhalinga Swamigal Thirumadam by honoring for their extraordinary contributions towards the achievement of the tree plantation in barren lands.

Vanathukkal Tirupur awarded “Best Service Award” by appreciating their trusted, respected and popular for their contribution towards social causes.

Rotary club awarded “Change Maker Award” an prestigious award to the people & organisation serving as agents of change in the society in various aspects with the sole purpose of giving back to the community without expecting any kind of publicity by planting trees.

Raj Tv honoured “Pasumai panbu iyakkam Award” by appreciating the actions of organizations, programs, and individuals that improves the development of green power sources.

Palladam “Manavalakalai Mandram Trust” awarded by their participation & dedication towards green cover.

Coimbatore’s Sultan pettai Win City Rotary Society awarded “Pasumai Kavalar Award” by appreciating Coordination, planning, consultation, field work, tree activities,vision about future.

Puthu Yugam Tv awarded “ Best NGO” by honoring their innovations of renewable energy and the actions are supporting the development of green power markets.

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