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Your contributions need’t be always in form of money. One of the biggest challenges we face in our initiatives is availability of human resource to make the dream into reality. There are many ways in which you can get involved as a volunteer and ensure that our campaigns become reality.

Volunteer Stories


Vanam India Foundation contributed to a healthier future for all. It was a great way to bring the community together for a great cause to help the environment. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of service which they offered. I look forward to work with them.


Working with vanam India foundation was one of the best experience. During volunteer-ship I have realised anyone can plant trees but nurturing is one of the toughest way, as Vanam doing this part in an effective way and I am proud I m a part of it.


Vanam India Foundation is doing for the greater cause for better environment.I liked to became an volunteer and I have decided to be part of them next year and years following. The overall experience was of most gratifying, purposeful and memorable.


Over all experience with vanam was very satisfying. We not only gained new skills,We worked hard and we achieved something it was good to be help with our future generation and I did something good.


I feel very happy to be given opportunity to do something for the community. Volunteering helps me to connect with the environment. I really enjoyed to learn about the plants and trees. I think, after doing these projects, I am more aware about our environment thanks to vanam India foundation for this grat opportunity.


Cheering the effort of Vanam that has made it so easy for so many people to participate in making our planet more green. Trees make wonderful gifts for any occasion and planting them without an occasion is even better. Congratulations to your team and may you grow.

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