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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Vanam India Foundation

We are happy to introduce ourselves as an NGO, formed by the industrialist and agriculturalist of Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode districts.





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Tree Plantation & Nurturing

From the year of 2015 to December 2019, we planted 3, 50,000 Saplings. In that, we developed 40000 saplings into 9feet height. For important occasions like birthday, wedding day, parent’s memorial days, people come to our place for plant a tree in their name under the scheme of “seed a life”.

Palmyra Seed Planting

In our Place, in 15 villages, we sowed 4, 00,000 Seeds of Palmyra into the area of dry ponds, lakes, private lands. In fifteen years, we expect Palmyra turns into big economy and pillars of ground water level storage.

Transplanting old trees

We give people an option to transplant their very old trees to our places. Now we transplanted one number of Bothi tree which old around 12years.

School Visits

We inviting every schools from our region for field visit for our Vanaalayam place, to get educate about Nature and Environment through story-telling.

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Our Vision

Attain holistic healthy lifestyle by developing peaceful and healthy environment.

Our Mission

Tree plantation and Nurturing, Management of Water resources, Solid Waste Management, Creating environmental Awareness and Promoting Organic Farming.

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